Wear & Care

Pashminas are a treasure. A pashmina shawl is so delicate, soft and beautiful that you want to pass it on to generations. But with passing your pashmina shawls and scarves, it is also important to pass on the necessary information and procedure about how to take care of the pashmina.

how to wear shawl-stoles How to Wear a Shawl/Stole.

Shawls/Stoles is a great way to accent or dress up any outfit. There are multiple ways to wear a shawl/stole. Wear it as a scarf, belt or wrap to keep warm and look great. The selection of the size can vary by the height of the wearer, as well as the fashion in which it is desired to be worn. view tips.......


Shawl/Stole Care Instructions.

Pashmina is an extremely soft and delicate fabric that often loses its color and fine texture due to mishandling or sheer carelessness. Read more for tips on how to take care of your pashmina shawls and wraps. view tips......