Shawl Care Instructions

Pashminas are a treasure. A pashmina shawl is so delicate, soft and beautiful that you want to pass it on to generations. But with passing your pashmina shawls and scarves, it is also important to pass on the necessary information and procedure about how to take care of the pashmina.

Pashmina is an extremely soft and delicate fabric that often loses its color and fine texture due to mishandling or sheer carelessness. Read more for tips on how to take care of your pashmina shawls and wraps.

1. Use a gentle soap solution(normally used to wash woolens) to wash your priceless pashmina. Preferably hand wash the pashmina gently as the fabric is very delicate.

2.  Rinse the pashmina wrap thoroughly till it is completely free of any shampoo remains.

3.  Do not squeeze or twist. To dry a pashmina, keep it in a towel and roll in towel to soak the dripping water from the pashmina.

4. Do not bleach the pashmina like other clothes. It will take away the softness of your pashmina.

5. To dry the pashmina, do not put it under direct sunlight or heat. Let it air dry.

6. Spread it evenly on a plain surface using your hands and lay flat to dry. Watch out for any wrinkles or twists.

7. Iron when it is almost 90% dry, store it in a place which is far from any kind of moisture or heat. Fold it neatly and pack in a tissue paper.

8. Make sure the place is leak proof and has no space for moths to grow or enter. Use moth- proof products for complete safety.

9. Another important thing to remember is to make sure the pashmina is protected while wearing too. Avoid wearing rough clothing like leather with the shawl. The friction it causes gradually ruins the material and it will eventually tear. Remember that pashmina shawls are delicate fashion accessories but with proper care,they could last long.